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A Penny for the Wren, 2016


• Sound samples will be up soon.

• The four panel CD wallet has all the liner notes.


Our special holiday CD: Seventeen tracks: 8 vocals, 7 instrumental,  2 narratives

What they are saying about A Penny for the Wren –

“I’m only on track 3, and my husband is laughing at me from freaking out at how excited I am for this tune! So uniquely and well done!”
S.J.R., Radio Host, Celtic music show

“[This CD] is the best yet. Intricate melodies, yet so balanced – a joy to listen to.”
P.C., pianist, teacher

“Love the medleys of familiar traditional tunes with familiar carols, and the spoken word tracks. Brilliant playing, too. Very entertaining!”
C.W.S., harpist

“I picked up my copy today at Dickens. Thanks for a great show and a great Christmas album!”
C.L., fan

“I listened to the music and Wow! It is beautifully done.”
M.S, artist

On Yer Toes!, 2013

On Yer Toes! Cover

• Hear sound samples.

• Six panel CD wallet with all the liner notes.


Here’s what people are saying about On Yer Toes!

The tunes are masterfully done, and Robert’s vocals are fine.
Rex S, Houston, TX
An absolutely wonderful recording! Excellent instrumentation. Excellent voices, and excellent choice of music. I really enjoyed this CD.
DIane B. Echos of Erin, Pittsburgh, PA
This is great! upbeat feel, lovely traditional rhythms and nice production!
Lisa S., San Francisco, CA
Received both ‘The Jig is Up’ CD’s this weekend and have been playing them almost constantly… Both are simply GREAT!!! Excellent performances by all members and well-recorded.
Gary Wade, Loveland, CO
You guys play really well, and having two singers is a blessing – they’re both great!
Cindy Funk, Celtic DJ, Dear Green Place, WYSO FM, Dayton, OH

Great music! I played a couple of tracks from each CD on my last show! Keep up the great work!
Tim Larkin, Celtic Music DJ, San Diego, CA


First Steps, 2011

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• Hear sound samples.

• Download the liner notes for background information on each track, plus interesting information about one of the flutes on this recording, which had just returned from outer space!

• The story of this album cover photograph (location, dancers, photographer) has recently (2016) come to light.

Here’s what are people saying about First Steps

WOW!! What a great listen! You guys should be proud of what you’ve done!
Tim Larkin, Host, Celtic Stew, Westport, MA

I cannot believe this is your debut album!  It is awesome!  I am still tapping my toes!
Alisha G

Five Top-Flight musicians showing the soul of Celtic music.
Bud N

Nice variety on this album! Very smooth . . .Takes me back in time!
Kathy S

All the tracks have a great energy. Alive! Feels good.
John M

This moves me. Could be because my last name is Millican, or it could just be great music.
B Millican

One of my favorite things about this album is the stellar vocal performances by Robert Shaddox. Robert’s voice is pure and controlled and dead on pitch, but as natural as a friendly chat on the corner.
G McLeod