Sherwood was a blast!


When I say that Sherwood was a blast, I don’t just mean the opening cannon. Days like today are why I play music. There was good mead, better music, and really excellent people. The folks in the audience were having fun, and we got to play for step dancers! The Irish Dance Center of Austin tore up the stage with us for some mighty craic.

A vendor was selling bacon wrapped in sausage wrapped in bacon, but I enjoyed playing for the dancers more. It was that cool.

There were a lot of really talented bands at the festival, so if you missed it, mark next year on your calendar! Sherwood also does a faire every weekend from February till March. I’ll be checking that out from the audience if nothing else.


We are very pleased to be playing at the North Texas Irish Festival in Dallas this weekend! It is the 30th anniversary of this really wonderful festival and I’ve wanted to play at this festival since I was a kid going to hear some of the best bands from around the world. We’ll see you there!