The Band

Rob, Larry, Diehl, Judd, and MattHouston’s premier traditional Irish band, The Jig Is Up! present innovative and dynamic arrangements that stay true to the ancient Irish traditions. The band has played festivals and venues across Texas and the Southeast. Robert Shaddox, with his clear tenor voice, is the band’s main vocalist. His skilled bodhrán adds punch to the dance tunes. Diehl Moran’s inventive fiddle and banjo provide grace and drive to the music. Larry Mallette is the featured flute and whistle player and resident composer. Matt Lewis’ skilled guitar sparks the dance tunes and adds lyrical beauty to the ballads that he and Robert sing. Judd Heartsill’s driving accordion fills out the band’s big sound and provides the “nyah,” while his nautical songs spice up the show. Whether playing flute tunes from Sligo and Roscommon, fiddle tunes from Clare, or polkas and slides from Cork and Kerry, The Jig is Up! will set your feet tapping and keep you “On Yer Toes!”

National and International Recognition -

The Jig Is Up! has been broadcast nationally on Fiona Richie’s famous NPR show Thistle and Shamrock and has been heard across Ireland on Kieran Hanrahan’s Ceili House show on RTE (Raidió Teilifís Éireann).

What our fans are saying -

“They are seriously good musicians… The 80 people packed in the house all fell in love with the band. … It felt like a family feast in an Irish home. They made it perfect.”    J Kelly

“I was caught-up-in another great performance by The Jig is Up! last Saturday night. The group is relatively new, but all the members are experienced and excellent musicians. Jigs, polkas, slides, mazurkas, songs beautifully and “effortlessly” performed belying their complexity and musical depth. My Imperial edict is: Do your ears and eyes a favor. See, hear and support this group whenever and wherever you can!”    B Norton